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uBox Wireless unit
what is ubox

What is uBox™?

A uBox is a personal wireless audio device that gives users the freedom to choose between 5 live audio streams.

uBox Systems™ provide users with clear audio simulcasting for areas up to 100,000 square feet supporting unlimited users— without interruption, buffering or interference—providing a unique experience that draws in more customers and keeps them engaged longer.

Ever been to a sports bar to watch your team, but couldn’t hear your game because another game’s on the main audio? Or been watching multiple games during March Madness or football season and wanted to switch between different broadcasts? Or missed a big play because nature called? uBox™ is your solution!

uBox™ features

Each uBox System™ is fully customizable for your venue. Features include:

  • Protected RF frequencies with clear coverage areas up to 100,000 square feet.
  • Finely-tuned RF transmitters with Wireless Extended Range Technology™.
  • Long-lasting lithium ion rechargeable batteries -- up to 8 hours of continuous use.
  • Multi-unit charging system -- a single charging tree simultaneously recharges 16 devices in ~90 minutes.
  • Freedom to use your own headphones or our specially-designed earbuds.
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what is ubox


“uBox puts more butts in seats and keeps them there longer. My regulars treat the bar like it’s their personal home theater, but as long as they’re buying beer, it’s fine by me.”

who uses uBox?

uBox systems create the ideal environment for all customers by providing customizable experiences based on the user preference all while clearing the atmosphere of overbearing music to drown out the crowd.

People who use uBox:

  • Casinos
  • Race Tracks
  • Sports Bars
  • Outdoor Sports Venues

  • Large Conferences
  • Classrooms
  • ESL Events

The Options are endless! Contact us today to see how U can get uBox System™ for your business or event!

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